About JRNL?

Be in complete control of your journaling experience. Web, mobile and email-to-journal, make writing a seamless part of your everyday activity. Entries are backed up securely and can be accessed at any time across all your devices. While JRNL is an online service, your most cherished and valued moments can easily be brought to life and forever preserved as a hardbound book with our Publishing platform. Life is made up of moments that are worth reflection. Start your JRNL experience today!

Why Choose JRNL?

Personal Progress

Create your personal road map and establish a clear view of where you want to go in life. Recording your hopes and dreams helps you stay on track.

  • Acknowledge personal milestones and the work required to achieve success.
  • Reflect on personal achievements and those who helped you succeed.
  • Identify educational and professional goals.
Scripture Journal

Spiritual moments often come at unexpected times and recording such experiences can have a positive and lasting effect on you and your posterity.

  • Record feelings of the Spirit and its presence in your life.
  • Express your love and appreciation for missionary work.
  • Record your testimony of Gospel truths.
Overcome Adversity

Life's challenges allow individuals to make a choice to overcome the struggles and adversity that are part of personal growth.

  • Acknowledge struggles and overcome challenges.
  • Gain inner strength to overcome challenges.
  • Find peace and fulfillment with personal progress.
Family History

Family History has value that reaches far beyond record keeping. Help your posterity know where they come from and strengthen their beliefs.

  • Share stories and life lessons.
  • Provide insight into current events and share your views to provide a fuller history.
  • Help your posterity know more than what they'll find in a family search.
Missionary Journal

Capture all of the inspirational, testimony-strengthening moments of your mission and share it with family, friends and investigators.

  • Express your faith and desire to serve others.
  • Record your daily progress and identify ways you can be a better missionary.
  • Reflect on how you've grown during your mission with photos and written entries.
Paper to Digital to Book

Keeping a journal has so many benefits. Losing that journal can be devastating. Protect your historical records with JRNL and archive them with a printed book.

  • Write as much as you want without limits.
  • Create unlimited journals and organize your history the way you want.
  • Reflect and comment on past entries from a current perspective.


JRNL offers a unique and enjoyable journaling experience while providing innovative tools that you are going to love.
View all your journal entries in one place
Access your journal from anywhere
Amplify your entry with comments
All About Me
Hundreds of questions about your life
Publish beautiful archival-quality books
Get organized with unlimited journals
Tag entries to find entries easier
Personalize your entries with photos
Customize JRNL and make it your own
Email to JRNL
Add entries to your journal via email
Establish better journal writing habits


"Hi! I just received this link from my sister. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I love the fact that it is printable and the reminders. I look forward to the future of this website and will start using it and pass it on to my friends and family. Thanks!"

- Kayla Lundberg

"It's GREAT! Thank you very much for this service. I was looking for something like this and finally found your site."

- David Nassief

"I love this program, I especially love the reminders. Even though we live busy lives I have always felt it important to keep a journal, this gives me time to do so. And the reminder keeps me going. Thanks a ton this is great."

- Karen Jenkins

"It is great! it gives me something to do while I am at work doing nothing and it has helped me remember my past few months."

- Kimberley Hawker

"I love this online Journal because I don't have to worry about how my handwriting is looking. In other words I don't have to worry about being able to read my own writing."

- Kristin Hoff

"I was reading through my Grandma's old journals, and I was fascinated by everything, even common everyday sort of things. That inspired me to want to write in my own journal, but I didn't know really how or even where to start! JRNL provided me with not only a place to begin, but reminders so that I can make sure I record all the little things I will want to remember or pass on someday. THANK YOU!"

- email address withheld

"I want you all to know how much I really enjoy learning this new program... I have only been on the site for a couple of days, and I'm sure learning lots about this wonderful program. I'm sure still learning the program. I sent it to 9 friends and family already. I'm a Family Search Worldwide Product Support Missionary, so Family History is very important to me... Thanks for the great site."

- Donna Austin
"I think this site is awesome. I feel like I can put my personal thoughts down, without it taking much time (I just don't seem to ever have enough time in my day anyway!) I can certainly type faster than I can write! It's very user friendly and simple to use! THANKS!"

- Amiee Defore

"I am so pleased that you created this site. I am the worst to keep a journal, but with this site I can get reminders, I know that this will benefit me and may be my son later can read the entries I posted. It is so cool that I can attach photos and even go back and write the things that happened in previous days if I had to skip a few, like in my case I have no Internet at home so during the weekend I cannot post anything. Thank you so much."

- Beatriz Izquierdo

"This is Genius. I am so grateful for this tool you have created. Thank you for using your talents to make our lives a little bit easier."

- Tammie Allegro

"I just found your website today and decided to get started with a journal and recording some thoughts. This is a great service you are providing. I am totally impressed with everything I have encountered so far. I have only started with a few entries in the All About Me section. I have been wanting to restart journaling for years now and you have made it so easy. I think I have found my new favorite website. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Mark Morris

"I have been using JRNL I haven't encountered any bugs or any problems yet... great job! i never thought keeping journals would become this fun! Thanks to you guys!"

- Benjamin Joseph Balota

"Wow, this is a wonderful site. You all have made journaling easy! I love the ability to have scripture at my fingertips! Wonderful and just what I have been looking for! Thank you!"

- email address withheld

"You're probably hearing this from thousands of others, so I'll try to keep this short, but . . . THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! This is fabulous! It is such a blessing! Now I am learning so much better and at a much better, steady pace because I'm having so much more time to TYPE than write what the Holy Ghost is teaching me. So, it's like I'm learning twice as much every day in life since I have time to type down twice as much (literally, more like 4 times as much!!). THANK YOU SO MUCH! God is so thankful for you and will surely bless you! GOD BLESS YOU!!! A sincere genuine thank you from me. I will try to tell many!"

- Kaily Adolphson

"AWESOME!!!! This is so much quicker than hand writing! Thank you!!!"

- Julie Anderson

"I really like JRNL. I was having a really hard time writing in my regular journal...but being online is great. It has made it so easy for me to actually keep a journal. I know that as I fill the pages I will be preserving a little part of me for my family today and even generations to come. Thank you so much!"

- Maggie Page

"I LOVE IT!!! I can get into my journal any time I want to and I can record things as they happen instead of waiting till I get home to write it down. The reminder is great too. Please continue with this. I Just LOVE IT!!!!"

- Francine Marble

"I love this. I have been looking for an online journal that I could use easy and remember the link to. So far I have had nothing but good to say about JRNL. Thank you so much for creating this web page."

- Bev Young Reed

"I've only just started using the JRNL and have found it very easy to use. I've uploaded photo footnotes to my entries and like the idea of entered captions with the photos. I was visiting family in [***withheld***] and was able to just log-on and add entries rather than waiting to return home; truly convenient! So far, so good. Thank-you."

- Karen Murdock

"Hi people from JRNL! I just want to let you know how wonderful idea that is to build an on-line (and private) journal. I am from Brazil and I'm LDS since I was born. I was an exchange student at North Ogden (Utah) and I fell in love (even more) for the (LDS) Church. Thank you so much for this amazing website! And yes, it would be great if the website were available in different languages because most of my friends wouldn't understand English so they would have a really hard time answering the All about me questions and so. If there's anything I can to help, please let me know!I know my English doesn't sound great but I'd do my best. Once again, Congratulations on this website! And thank you!"

- Sandra Mariana de Andrade Silva

"As a busy mom with a child with autism, I am running all day with him and his hectic schedule. I have been making excuses for years why I don't write in a journal. This is an easy, stress free way to create a journal. I'm very thankful for this mess-free, scribble-proof way of keeping a record of our daily life. Thank you again!!"

- Corissa Burnett

"I heard about this on Channel 5 today, I think. I immediately logged on and started to write a journal entry. I sent 10 invitations out and will follow up with all of them. Can we have more invitations available? Wonderful, fun and as a Grandma of 17 and mom of 10, I know this will be great!!!"

- Anne Starnes

"I am really enjoy using JRNL. The ease of keeping a journal in this format is great. Thank you so much for providing this service!"

- Lonnie Jenkins

"I love this idea!! This is something I have been meaning to do for a long time and when I found your website and discovered how easy it is to use, I got started again. Thank you for this opportunity. I really like the "All About Me" section. The questions are great to get my mind going in the right directions to start journaling again. The website is easy to navigate and moves along pretty well most of the time. Thanks again for this!"

- Lesley Weis

"So far I love JRNL. I have only used it for a week, but I have been successful thus far in writing regularly. I started answering the questions in "All About Me" and hope to keep answering more - it is a great idea, so future generations can really know who I was. Thank you so much for this service!"

- Janna Raber

"I love the JRNL site. I am hooked on journaling. I don't miss a day and I am actually finding out new things about myself. Thank You."

- Connie Poindexter

"Your website is the best website I have found this year. Thanks again for all that you do. :-D"

- Aaron Coombes

"Just started journaling with you today. I love it! What a marvelous tool. Prior to this I've been keeping my journal on Microsoft Word and I kept thinking that there just has to be a better way! This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you a hundred times over!"

- JeriLyn Stilson

"This is the BEST SITE!!! I am starting AGAIN to write!! This site has put me back into Journaling AGAIN - I am sharing it with others - Thank you so much for this wake-up call!!!!"

- Peggy Brown

"I used to be a dedicated journal writer, but with time became hesitant to put my thoughts and feelings in an open book... This is so great.... I can write any time of day and from anywhere without dragging along a heavy book. Thank you!"

- Deborah Jones

"I am 74 years old, I started a journal on 1970 and from then on I have kept it almost to date. When I was told by one of my family about JRNL I searched in my PC and asap; I found it, I adopted it! It is so easy and helpful. Thank You."

- Iris M. Lloyd, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"So far, so good. I think this program might actually get me to journal regularly! Thank you!"

- Colleen Fowler

"So far (one week--just a few entries) I am very impressed. Very user-friendly. The journal entry system is so flexible (editing, viewing, calendar availability, etc.) that I may actually end up keeping a journal--after approximately 3, 600 false starts. I like the All About Me section, too."

- Clark Webb

"I think it's great...really enjoying so far...I've been looking for a good program for sometime now...keep up the good work."

- Calvin Daubert

"I like the reminders. I often forget to write and they keep me going on it. Thanks for a great site!!!!"

- Joan Sell
"I like this very much! There is a lot to do on here. It also gets me into journal writing because I can get more down typing! Thanks!"

- Mike Noah
"I always knew that writing a journal was important, but couldn't get motivated to keep one consistently. JRNL.com not only makes journal keeping more convenient, but exciting."

- Richard Davis

"Wow, I'm pretty impressed with this. I think it can be a great help for people like me that want to get back to writing. I've only written one thing but I think it will help get me writing again."

- Jay Langford

"I was so excited to come across this website! Thank you for a wonderful service! This will make it so much easier for me to keep my goal of daily journaling!"

- Jenni Hughes

"Good job on a wonderful site! I caught the bug! Thanks again!"

- MaryAnn Walker

"What a wonderful service this web site offers. I will be recommending this journal site to my family and friends. I can type much faster than I can write and I can go back and edit what I have written before saving it."

- LaVon Cardon

"I found this a few days ago. I felt I should tell you how happy and excited I am about this!!! JRNL is easy to use and with the ability to send you reminders to write in your journal there is no reason anyone could not keep their journal. I Love the ability to add photo's to our journal. That is something I think that is really a positive plus. I am so excited to be able to do this on a permanent basis. I am very grateful that you make this beta version available to users. Thank you again for this opportunity. God bless you."

- Tilly Morrison

"Wow! I just realized how great this was when I had a "moment" of inspiration and had a place to quickly write it down. Those moments are often lost - forgotten before you can record them. This was so easy - Thank you!"

- Margaret Hardie

"This service is wonderful!!!"

- Todd Cragun

"I'm from Brazil I loved the idea of the journal where I can register the feelings and acts of my life and guard with more security. I write that my diary in exercise books that with the time deteriorate is bulky and is complicated to guard. Thank you very much because of creating this site that is important for every member of the church of Jesus Christ."

- email address withheld

"I just had to write and let you know how much I appreciate that you created this site. I can type way faster than I can write and I know I will keep a better journal here. I love that it is stored. I tried to record on my computer, but sometimes I forget to backup and then when the computer crashed unexpectedly, I lost it all. I moved last year and almost lost all my physical journals. I have, over the years, got some damaged in floods and that made me so sad, too. Now I can record my life here and feel secure that it will always be here. I am thrilled. You are an answer to my prayers. I especially love the All About Me section. I have recently had my testimony about family history grow. I was planning to do something like this. Now all I have to do is fill in the blanks. Thank you a million times over. You have made my life better and easier. I will be telling everyone I can about your service. I just hope they can all grasp the wonderfulness of it and keep a journal and record family history information as we have been told to do by the prophets."

- Annette Freeman

"Hello again, I love your website, I haven't missed a day since I started writing in my journal again. Your web site makes things so much easier for me. Last time I wrote in my journal was like 5 or 6 months ago. P.S. I know that I already said it but...I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!! :-D"

- Aaron Coombes

"GREAT MOVE! Being able to print out my journal daily and save as a backed hard copy. Each day we are blessed with new tools on JRNL... I am sure that it has brought many back to keeping their journal daily. I love my JRNL."

- Cmdr. Juan Rodriguez USN/NC/Vietnam Veteran

"This is a great website! Thank you so much for making this. I have always been terrible at keeping a journal and I am sure my children and their children will not be happy about that. But now I have a place to keep my thoughts and feelings. I am really excited about this site. It will now allow me to record my life for my posterity."

- Adam McDaniel

"I LOVE your service!! I have always wanted to journal.... I do it for maybe a week and then it goes by the wayside. Having this capability is so awesome... I am on my computer so much and it is very easy to just jump into my page here and fill it out. I love all the questions to help me remember what I would like to have my posterity to know about me when I was growing up... Also questions that I should ask family about when I was little... My parents are both gone now and I wish I would have thought to ask them before they left... I just cannot tell you how grateful I am for this tool!"

- MaryAnn Sadler

"I love it thank you. I have written in my journal this month more than I had written all of last year and I owe it all to you and of course my sister who told me about it! Thanks a bunch and thanks for making my life easier ! = ) I can now finally follow the Prophet's counsel of writing in a journal and that makes me happy! Thanks a million!!!!"

- Raschel Hanamaikai

"This is just what I need! I LOVE this site. I really like how it has numerous questions in the All About Me section. It will get the ideas rolling. This really will motivate me to do what I should have been doing for years, I just needed more structure. I'm sure this is an answer to many prayers! I cannot wait to have enough written to order a bound book. Thank you for providing a beautiful and useful site."

- Jennifer Parker
"This looks like a wonderful program!!! I am working on my life history, hopefully I can enter the journal calendars, quarterly summaries that I have kept for 42 years, (as these include events of our children) and make them available to our family."

- Jillene Webber

"Tonight is the first time I have journaled in your program and I must say I am very thankful to you for this. You're right, every life is worth journaling. What has kept me from journaling in the past is the handwriting of it all. I am far more comfortable having the option to type it out AND have it saved in a location that I won't need to worry about being destroyed by water, fire, etc. The questions are so perfect to help the process begin - thank you for that as well. Can't think of anything at this point that can make the program better."

- Kathryn Cvijanovich

"I can't think of anyway to improve this site as of yet, it is so great. I have been prompted to write a journal for the past few months, and when I saw the ad for this site, I knew I now had a way to do it. This is such a great resource to all of us. Thank you."

- Emily Rownak

"So far so good, for me just getting to the second entry is great and inviting my family members makes it very special for me."

- Fern Potter

"THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for creating JRNL.com! This is just what I needed to keep up on my journal and get started on my own personal history. Now that I have a child of my own and I'm starting to actually get into doing family history, I have realized how important it is to record my life for my posterity. I wouldn't have done this without you! Thanks again!"

- Elisabeth Barlow

"Dude this is awesome! Since I'm always on the computer, now I will be able to write my personal thoughts! Thanks a lot!!"

- Lina Ahquin

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site- I stumbled on it on someone's blog and am so excited about having a safe place to journal with the chance of making it into a book to keep forever is excellent! Great format, great options, I love the look of it and overall ease of use - just overall an amazing site!!! Way to go - thank you, thank you, thank you - I'm putting a link on my blog to JRNL tonight!"

- Nicole Baldwin

"So far I have signed up and answered some of the all about me questions. Sign up was so easy and the whole thing is very user friendly. I think even my Mom and Dad that don't know much about computers would have little trouble. What a great idea and having it be FREE is a bonus. Thank you so much. Now on to see how I will do at journaling."

- Kristin Burgess

"I am so excited about this new program. I spend a lot of time on the computer so I have no excuse to "not" keep my journal updated. JRNL.com has made it that much more easier and fun to do."

- Jaime Murri

"I love this site. It is so convenient. I think everything about it is great. Especially the All About Me portion. Thank you so much."

- Sara Whetten

"I have made two entries so far. I love this so much. THANK YOU. I am glad the world is full of smart people who can set up sites like this so that the rest of us can use them. This is amazing. Everything seems great..."

- Debbie Vanderniet

"I am a French Latter-Day Saint residing in France, but I also lived, studied and worked in the U.S., including six years as a BYU Student (B.A./MPA). I remember sitting in General Conference back in the 70's and hearing President Kimball tell members that they should hold a Journal, and if they did not, that they should repent. This drew a laugh from the audience, but he seemed to be serious about this issue. Ever since, I have felt guilty about not being able to regularly hold a personal journal. This certainly caused me to miss much in terms of spiritual growth and also valuable experiences worth sharing with my loved ones and posterity. I am about to turn 55 and am finally discovering - before it is too late - a solution that fits my nature. I find your system absolutely wonderful! It is both powerful and very user-friendly. This is certainly an inspired project and I do not doubt that it will keep on improving and blessing the lives of thousands if not millions of Latter-Day Saints on a worldwide basis. Keep on doing the good work..."

- C. Defranchi, Paris, France

"This opportunity is one that I do not want to pass up, although I have very little free time. Journaling is so important, and so easily neglected. Thank you for making it so much easier!"

- D. Whitmer

"I think this is the best thing since swiss cheese, chicken and ham (ok call it a cordon bleu). I am so excited to be able to keep this up and home and at work! I LOVE that I can search entries, and will be able to have these memories bound in a professional book. What a keepsake for the next generation!"

- M. Allen

"Thank you so much for such a user-friendly site. I just signed up last night and am amazed at how much you have to offer. I am excited to be able to write my life story with so many questions to respond to. I plan on answering one questions every few days until I have them all done. This will be a great start to my life history for my children and grandchildren. I am a blogger, but this will be much more personal and just for me to keep those notes that I want to pass on to my children. Thank you so much. What a great idea! I will be sharing this link with all my friends!"

- L. Labrum

"I love it! I have arthritis in my hands and it hurts so bad I can hardly sign my name. My writing has deteriorated to the point that I have problems to read what I wrote, so this journal is a blessing!"

- J. de Hoyos

"My first born started attending kindergarten this year and every day has been a new experience for me. After walking home from school each day and listening to her talk about what she's learned, I can't help but think how fast my little girl is growing up. After she goes to sleep at night, I take a moment to record my daily entry and it helps me give thanks for the blessing that my daughter is in my life. It's amazing how writing in my journal reminds me of all the little things I should be thankful for."

- S. Stuki, Chandler, AZ

"I'm getting ready to take the Bar and I was required to provide proof of all the places I've lived for the past ten years. You can imagine how daunting a task that might be for someone that has moved many times and lived in multiple apartments. Luckily, I had kept a journal and recorded all the places I had lived during the past ten years, but it would have been so much easier to track down the information I needed had I been able to use JRNL's search features. Journaling has proven to be invaluable to me and I'm looking forward to recording my life for years to come with JRNL."

- J. Stevens, Bellevue, WA

"As I've gotten older, my handwriting has become more difficult to read and gripping a pen is sometimes hard to do. When my daughter suggested I use JRNL to keep my personal journal, I was a little skeptical of going online. But she was right, it's so easy to use and now my handwriting is no longer an issue. Thank you JRNL.com."

- A. Smythe, Los Angeles, CA

"My wife has been giving me flack for years for not keeping a journal. It was always so hard to find the time. Now, I just log on at work and write in my journal. It only takes a couple minutes and I'm on my way. Thanks for getting me off the hook."

- R. Stoddard, Salt Lake City, UT

"I've had some funny dating experiences over the years and finding Mr. Right hasn't been easy by any means. But someday, after I get married, it will be fun to look back and recount the journey I've had and the lessons I've learned that have lead me to my eternal companion."

- M. Jensen, Henderson, NV

"My mom helped me start my first ever journal today. It's cool and fun. I can't wait to show my friends. I will write every day."

- S. Walker, New York, NY

"Thank you so much for coming along right now. After last Conference's talk by President Eyring, my family has really tried to make an effort to keep a journal. This will certainly help us with our goal to keep a personal record of our lives."

- H. Robinson, Waltham, MA

"I've just gotten engaged and my fiancee and I just signed up with your service. We thought it would be cool to write about our experiences during this engagement time and share with one another on our 1-Year Anniversary. It may sound a little cheesy, but we thought you'd like to know how we're using your service."

- S. Reynolds, Austin, TX

"As a convert to the Church, my story has had some ups and downs. But I know that keeping a journal of all these experiences will one day be valuable to my children as they come to learn about the Gospel and gain their own testimonies. I'm looking forward to recording my thoughts and feelings in my journal to share with others some day."

- K. Kimoto, Honolulu, HI

"Can I just say, I love this! I have been writing in my journal everyday for the past 7 years and 11 months. JRNL is the way to journal. I am all about keeping records--they are important for future reference; and journaling is a relaxing activity. I love it! I love it even more now that all my entries are kept electronically in a very organized and user-friendly format. I can also access it anywhere with the Internet. Plus, I am looking forward to diving into the other features like 'All About Me'. Awesome work!!!! I'm converted. Thanks for thinking of and designing this service."

- H. Watkins

"Man I really, really like this site. I usually only log on after the day is over, but this site is so well organized and well designed that it's a pleasure to record a journal entry at the end of each day, and sometimes I log on just because...I love JRNL, and I hope it just keeps getting better and better!"

- K. Fujioka